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Dedicated to the memory of Eric Tang, scholar, athlete, activist, humanitarian...

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eric Tang, R.I.P.

I write this with much sadness.

Eric Tang, one of my best friends, one of the original Semester at Sea voyagers that founded FORGE, the man responsible for initiating the Meheba Friendly library featured in both "Zambian Forge" and "Life in Limbo", has passed away, much too soon.

He was traveling in Mexico when it happened, following his dream of spending time south of the border, learning Spanish, meeting new people and seeing new places. He was exploring a waterfall at the time of his death. Details are currently scarce and may never be clear, but a fall into water caused him to drown.

The best thing I can say about what has happened is that I know Eric died living exactly the life he dreamt of leading. Travel, exploration, and pushing his limits to the edge were cornerstones of his personality. Though his life was much too short, he spent his time well. You can read his travel blog here if you like:

Eric will be missed, not only by all of the people whose lives he touched, but also by the people he desired to help and now will not be able to.

We loved you Eric, and we will miss you.

David Mallin